Interior Redecorating.

I often tell students – the one thing you can always count on is change.

CH CH CH CH Changes.

So hi, it’s me, Tara.  I’m moving and faking but I am still out here  – and maybe you are too ( Hi Christine, you reading this?)

A big news update is on its way, but a short version is that is no longer active.  I am no longer only knitting, if I ever was.  Working under my name I will share with you my current projects, articles, random thoughts, pictures, new teachings, and new ventures.

In the meantime, I also want to let you all know that the Mindful Knitting Retreat is taking a break – and that the Highland Lodge in Greensboro, Vermont has closed.  So very sad for so so many.
If you are a Mindful Knitting alum, please drop a comment and let us all know what your fond memories are of the Lodge – the exclusive location of the Mindful Knitting Retreat for nearly a decade.

Stay tuned.  This page will be replacing earthskyknitter at some point too as well – so subscribe to so you don’t miss anything.  One of my “resolutions” is to write more, and if I know someone out there is reading, I will actually do it.

Much love in this amazing new year of 2012 – and a well worn farewell to 2011 (what a year that was.)



4 thoughts on “Interior Redecorating.

  1. Hi Tara, congratulations for moving on out of 2011. It was a rough year at Chez Curious Creek, and I am using the TNNA tradeshow as my kickstarter to get motivated again. I hope I will see you there! If not, I hope you are well and I will see you sometime soon!

    Best, KristineB

  2. Hey, Tara! Good for you for expanding your blog, since your vision was already bigger than knitting. People are out here reading… Hope 2012 is sweet. xo

  3. after two wonderful visits to the Highland Lodge and MIndful Knitting, i am sooooo sad to see that end. Hoping that eventually MIndful Knitting finds a new home. Someplace as cosy as HL. They were the most welcoming staff i have ever had the pleasure to stay with. And the gorgeous drive up there, the being totally away from it all – no tvs or phones or internet (well, if you really needed it), the amazing food made and served with love. the walks through the woods and fields. Sharing a wonderful long weekend with other souls welcoming the coming together, the knitting, the meditating, the yoga – did i mention the desserts yet?? 🙂 an end, yes, but new beginnings are waiting for us all.

    Tara, keep writing, please. We’re out here, we hear you.


  4. Hi Tara. When you decide to start up Mindful Knitting Retreats again you might consider Garnet Hill Lodge in North River, NY. It is a nice cozy type place and it is near us which could help out logistically. Also, it may be possible for people to come from NYC by train (if the schedule works out).


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