Early Spring















(C) 2012 Tara Jon Manning.  Original Artwork (colored pencil). Please be respectful and give credit.

Making Progress! New site coming along.

It is a bit of a process. I’m not one of those knitters who have “real jobs” with computers. I know programming like I know crochet – just enough to get by, and no more. So, slowly I am learning content import/export, uploading data from the old site. It is coming along – in the amounts that I can stand it, and no more.

Hang in there with me. Please cheer me along.

Interior Redecorating.

I often tell students – the one thing you can always count on is change.

CH CH CH CH Changes.

So hi, it’s me, Tara.  I’m moving and faking but I am still out here  – and maybe you are too ( Hi Christine, you reading this?)

A big news update is on its way, but a short version is that tarahandknitting.com is no longer active.  I am no longer only knitting, if I ever was.  Working under my name I will share with you my current projects, articles, random thoughts, pictures, new teachings, and new ventures.

In the meantime, I also want to let you all know that the Mindful Knitting Retreat is taking a break – and that the Highland Lodge in Greensboro, Vermont has closed.  So very sad for so so many.
If you are a Mindful Knitting alum, please drop a comment and let us all know what your fond memories are of the Lodge – the exclusive location of the Mindful Knitting Retreat for nearly a decade.

Stay tuned.  This page will be replacing earthskyknitter at some point too as well – so subscribe to tarahandknitting.com so you don’t miss anything.  One of my “resolutions” is to write more, and if I know someone out there is reading, I will actually do it.

Much love in this amazing new year of 2012 – and a well worn farewell to 2011 (what a year that was.)